5th JAN 2011 - LEE'S UPDATES

Firstly, a happy new year to all Scrivener for Windows beta testers. I hope you all have had a break and are feeling refreshed and recharged.

On the Scrivener beta front it’s full steam ahead, we have just under 8 weeks to go before our target launch date in Feb. We have a lot of existing bugs to fix as well as many others I see logged on the forum this past fortnight. Fortunately, all these bugs are minor and will be fixed swiftly from this point onwards now that the core RTF re-write is done. I realize there are some bugs still associated with RTF and some that have resulted from the re-write, but there’s nothing scary or major here. So, the clocks ticking - 38 working days to go, and I’m pretty confident we’ll make it without killing ourselves in the process.

Our focus and goals for this week will be to fix/or build the following:

  1. Fix all known Dictionary bugs and add ability to switch dictionary language i.e. Australian, English, US, French, etc.
  2. Fix all known Search + Find and Replace Bugs
  3. Add multiple line saving ability to index cards
  4. Add doc printing ability for multiple docs selected in binder and build full doc print preview engine
  5. Add zoom functionality.
  6. Fix several RTF bugs - I’ll let you know which ones in my next post.
  7. Start visibly updating forum posts.

Next, week we will implement DOC, DOCX support and many other fixes - I will provide another update probably over the weekend.


Happy new year Lee!

The “zoom” functionality sounds great. I desperately need that, so I can stop using 18 point type for my tired old eyes!