Hi Beta Testers,

I have uploaded beta 1.9 this morning as I know many of you are keen to get your hands on it over the weekend. I have a busy day today running the kids around for sport etc. basically it’s Dad’s taxi service day. So, I’ll be succinct and try and get online again later today when I have a little more time.

If you’re ‘Check for Updates’ option on the help menu is not working you can either download the full install from http://www.scrivenerforwindows.com or run the autoupdate-windows.exe manually (i.e. double click the file). It resides in the Scrivener\liveupdates directory. The benefit of running the autoupdate-windows.exe directly is that it’s approx a third of the size as the full installer.

Bugs Fixed in this release include:

  1. Ability to set a whole host of Edit>Options including: background editor color and text. These colors will also be reflected in full screen as well. Some folks might wish to change their poll votes in light of this?

  2. Ability to change font size and type for project notes and document notes.

  3. Ability to set a default zoom level for new projects to any value you wish.

  4. Ability to set a default zoom level for project notes.

  5. Ability to set a default zoom level for document notes.

  6. Fixed scrolling zoom issue i.e. now doesn’t need to scroll through text before it zooms.

  7. Fixed empty find and replace string. Now replace button is enabled without the need for a replacement value.

  8. Ability to remember general location in a document when you leave and return to it i.e. it does not return to top, but rather in the area (not exact location) you were working before so you should not need to scroll.

  9. Fixed the ability to show sub document counts in binder.

  10. Ability to View>Use Label Color in Binder. Yes, there’s was lots frustrated people who should now be appeased with this missing feature - which I simply missed.

  11. Just for good measure, added ability to reflect label color in binder icons and also in outliner.

  12. Fixed crash perfectly reported by wfence here:https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/crash-show-text-view-show-corkboard-view-bug-logged/11483/1

  13. Fixed ‘Copy without Annotation and Footnotes’. This was in the menu but never implemented. It works now.

  14. Added several potential fix options for auto-update as many users were not able to run it from the menu, or the dialog did not function properly i.e. non functioning/crashing ‘Close’ button. For the life of me I can’t duplicate this, it could be firewall/virus protection? So, I’ve added a few duplicate options to the ‘Check for Updates’ menu to see if one works better than the other.

  15. We are also starting to look at performance and profiling tools to begin optimizing Scrivener as we have not done this yet.

  16. Fixed remembering previous save locations in dialogs wherever save or saveas is used.

  17. Folder retains content icon even though it is empty bug fix.

  18. "Novel Standard Manuscript Format” line spacing is set was set to 1.0, not 2.0 - fixed.

  19. Several Compile draft bugs have been addressed including page breaks, line spacing etc.

  20. Font size in About Scrivener and Check for Update dialogs has been addressed i.e. it’s readible now.

  21. We have speed up the Scrivener start up time. It is now 80% faster than it was previously.

Next, week we aim to continue looking into optimizing Scrivener performance as well as sort out all the remaining compiler bugs and a whole swag of others.

Note: The linux build is also available from http://www.scrivenerforwindows.com

Take care,


Now this is what I’ve been waiting to hear. Now I can actually start testing this mythical thing.

Thank you.

Wow! So happy I didn’t sign-off for the night and checked the forum one more time. Now I can color-code to my heart’s content! Thank you so much for all your hard work! Have fun as the weekend kid taxi service!


Does this mean I actually have to be productive? :slight_smile:

Lee, you rock! My productivity just stepped up 50%! No more distractions from poking around in docs I shouldn’t be looking at right now. :wink:

Beta 0.1.9 is looking really, really good. Brilliant work.

This looks great! Can someone point me to how to reflect the label color in the binder icons?

Yep, had me poking around a bit to find it too.

Go to ‘View/Use Label Colo(u)r in’ and choose Binder.

Ooh, just noticed you can set two different zoom levels when in split screen - very handy :slight_smile:

One thing I notice between the PC and Mac versions is that the fonts don’t match. I have a project on my mac using whatever the default settings are, and I use Dropbox to sync it with my PC. When I open it in Scrivener for Windows though, it displays in big ugly Verdana.

What’s going on?

On slower computers such as my laptop, the reduction in startup times seems much more dramatic. It’s on a magnitude of several times faster. It’s now crazy fast =)

Even more importantly, clicking on binder items no longer causes any noticable slowdown in the testing I’ve done so far. This is fantastic!

Thanks a bunch!

Whee! does happy dance

When can I pay for it?

No, if text font is for example “Cambria”, not “Verdana”, clicking on binder items for long text still causes slowdown for me. (Win7 x64). But startup speed is excellent!

Just seeking clarification. Are separate options for fullscreen colors in the pipeline like the Mac version?

There maybe circumstances where a user may wish to have two different color schemes. One for the editor and one for fullscreen. For full screen someone may wish to have light text on a dark background for writing draft but would like dark text on a light background for editing so they could use highlighters for example that don’t work as well with light coloured text.

Extremely happy to have the color! Now I can tell whose POV is in what scene by just looking.
Thank you!

Great work Lee! I like how the update check works so far! We’ll see what happens with when I try to down the next release.

On the down side: Snap shot/Roll back still has the same problem. I will re-explain it here so you don’t have to search for my original post in that endless sea of posts.

The Snap Shot portion of the operation works great as far as I can tell. The problem is the Roll Back portion. When I click on roll back the text from the version I am trying to roll back too is inserted at the cursor in the current version. It does not replace the text of the current version as I would expect it to. The work around so far is to select all the text of the current version of the document, delete it, then perform the Roll Back in the blank document.

I think this feature might work If the snap shots were treated like files, then all you would have to do is “close” the current version of the document, then “open” the desired roll back version in its place. (Of course, you would know better what to do. I leave it in your capable hands.)

Hope this helps point you in the right direction, Lunarclipper

(running Beta 1.9 on Windows XP) Side note: anyone else notice that the XP in Windows XP, when viewed as an emoticon, looks like it died with it’s tongue out? Hmmmm! Think it might have been Freudian slip on the MS programmer’s part? jk lol

Lee, a great thing to find this morning on the Pacific coast (of North America)

Can see right away that you’ve done a lot. Some quite brief notes on what I’ve tried.

  • the funny business for Editor font/size etc. defaults seems entirely gone. Bravo.

  • I used that to clear all the funniness left over from betas, paste-ins, etc. in a medium document. All good, and anything that looked odd at all would turn out to be mixed formatting in the original text. Remaining ideas for polishing stages:

    1. have the cursor go to the editor right away, so you see the formatting the doc, or new, has.
    2. have an indication for mixed formatting. I just checked goodoldword, and it blanks for example the font name or size when you have more than one. You can then select something if you want unified. Seems as good as any.
  • footnotes as endnotes just tasted, but endnotes are there, and I will work this over. Immediate thing is that the footnote in editor is pure black, unreadable, no matter what you set the color to in options. Endnote came out at the end when I did a very quick one-try print-to-Acrobat. Bravo again.

  • tried the updater, having done a remove/delete Program Files/Scrivener folder before installing 1.9 clean. on Win7, I got an invitation to start the updater – proably a good and safe way to handle this, at least until you have time. This came up slowly, and left a black (command?) small window, and the earlier Scrivener dialog behind it, with Scriv. When I okayed that it could close Scriv, most of this remained, but it did the upgrade check as expected. You have something workable enough, at present, believe.

Enough to give you, and apologies for the state I had left the tracing of what was going on with the editor formatiing debug in state it was. Just ran out of time, and until the end wasn’t sure which parts of the presented bugs were really presenting the underlying issue.

Best, Lee. Enjoy one on me :wink:


Lookin’ good. One small thing I noticed: Although zooming by using the mouse scroll + Ctrl works great in the editor now, in full screen it’s still reversed ---- Scroll forward zooms out when it should zoom in, and vice-versa.


Looking good, Lee! :slight_smile:

Although, the status stamp doesn’t seem to want to keep any new font I give it. I’ve tried Calibri, Myriad Pro, Verdana, Courier, Courier New, even Times New Roman, but it’s always Helvetica.

You can change the status stamp by going to the Corkboard tab:
Edit>Options>Corkboard. Make any changes to the status stamp by hitting Select. Then hit OK, then Apply, then OK to close out the window.

But as far as I can tell, you can’t change it by going to the Appearance tab under Options. No matter what it says, the status and the cards both revert to default settings. It seems maybe something’s not working right.


Beta version 1.9, Windows 7 Home Premium

I just noticed that now and was about to append my note. The Corkboard tab can change it properly, but not under Appearance.

  • Carp