Hi people :smiley:

My anti-virus found an outdated 7-Zip exe, the location is Scrivener\docformats\doc2any\lib" folder.

Funny thing is it isn’t actually installed on my computer - it isn’t listed in my add/remove programs list, and I can’t execute the 7-zip exe (nothing happens).

Wondering if anyone has noticed a 7-Zip exe in Scrivener before? I don’t recall installing it.

Maybe I should just delete the exe. Does Scrivener normally use it? Does it need it?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

7-zip is not a virus. Your antivirus program is the problem (like all antivirus programs).


You didn’t install it. It’s a bundled version used by Scrivener for when it needs to manipulate ZIP format files – such as, I would presume, creating .ZIP archives of your project backups (if you have those options included.)

I would not delete it. You may want Scrivener to be able to perform those functions.

This is not an uncommon approach for embedding functionality in programs; depending on licensing and API complexity, it can be cheaper and simpler to embed a standalone static version of a utility rather than use the appropriate libraries and write integrated code.