750 is better than -0-

I have found a daily word count requirement that I can easily reach, which has allowed me to move forward on my current novel. Today is day 24 and I have now written over 18,000 words. By Christmas I’ll have a first draft and about 100,000 words.

Admittedly it’s not a big requirement. I can do it in an hour if things are going along well. Rarely is it more than two hours. But the important thing is I can do it every single day after work, kids, little league, etc. etc. etc.

And I’m simply not daunted by the thought of writing little 750 word scenes. Literally anyone can do it.

Good luck everyone!

Good for you. I found that daily writing has made me a better writer. NaNo was the first event where I achieved daily writing and it was an eye opener. Now, I find that there are days when I challenge myself to write a bit more and a bit more and suddenly 7K is on the page.
I think you have found the secret, because it’s not about writing as much as you possibly can, it about writing every day.

Thanks! I enjoyed Nano so much. Haven’t done it for a couple years now, but participated and completed five Novembers before that. I think it’s something every writer should try.

My target for my thesis was only 250 words/day. Took anything from 10 minutes to 8+ hours to write those suckers each day, but I got there. Now I have the great joy of editing…

Ah, editing. Right. Well, I’ll cross that baby when I get there. Congrats on completing your thesis!

I’m currently trying to write the first draft of my very first novel and have set myself a daily word count of 1000 words.

Just finished writing for an hour and managed to get 1080 words down on the page. That’s a total now of 3955. Every little helps! Onwards and upwards.

I’ve actually written down a little heading for each scene in the entire novel too, so I know the direction in which it’s going to go. I’m really enjoying getting to know my two main characters and literally cannot wait to get to write the scene that I’ve got planned at the end of the first chapter!

I’m going to try and write for an hour a day and if I can do that, I’ll have my first draft complete by mid-June (ish). Fingers crossed.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their writing. :slight_smile:

I’ve completed the first 10,000 words of my first draft! Yippee!! :slight_smile:
It might not be any good, but it’s about 9000 more words than I’ve ever managed previously.
Here’s to the next 50,000 :smiley: and then onto the editing :cry:

Great effort!