Hi All,

Apologies for the delay on this beta 3 release, I had hoped to get this out Saturday but the upgrade installer took longer than anticipated.

Essentially, this beta fixes the following bugs:

  1. The Lag issue.
  1. Fonts and font sizes are now maintained as well as changing the initial font for a document. There is still an issue with empty paragraph’s fonts which we will need to address when we re-write part of the rich text parser. However, this fix certainly put a smile on my face now that my fonts and font sizes persist. This was driving me bonkers!
  1. Vanishing and re-appearing text - we believe this is fixed however we have not been able to duplicate this issue ourselves so we’ll be interested in feedback if this problem still occurs.
  1. The spell checker is not recognising certain words, specifically contractions containing the apostrophe ( ’ ). For example, the following words are underlined in red like so:
    Wouldn’t etc. This has been fixed.

  2. Scrivener was not preserving first line indentation. It now should.

  3. Selecting text does not populate the synopsis; the opening lines of the document did instead. Now if no text is selected the opening lines populate the synopsis, otherwise if text is selected the selected text populates the synopsis.

  4. Pressing CTRL + ARROW UP or ARROW DOWN didn’t work work in the Editor. It only jumped from word to word horizontally (left and right). Pressing CTRL + ARROW UP now takes you to beginning of paragraph, CTRL + ARROW DOWN - end of paragraph, CTRL+ LEFT - next word the left, CTRL+RIGHT - next word on the right.

  5. Any changes to the outliner columns, selections etc. will now persist between sessions.

  6. Hovering over binder items with the mouse now displays synopsis information.

  7. Export functions ‘Browse’ button now functions as expected.

  8. Fullscreen keyboard shortcuts for bold, italic, underline now work as expected when using the CTRL+B, CTRL+I and CTRL+U keys.

  9. The dim grey search highlight that was very hard to see has now been changed to a red block.

  10. The startup template screen has been disabled by default to not launch when a project is closed as many users do not expect this Mac like behaviour but expect Scrivener to close. You can switch this to display by default in the Options dialog.

  11. Add a Help menu ‘About Scrivener’ which will display the current Beta version.

15)Various corkboard navigation fixes.

  1. File name checking on save for the following invalid filename characters: " * : / \ ? < > | = ; [], ^ %

You can download the new beta from the relevant link below, there’s one for Windows and one for Linux.
The Windows install should automatically detect a previous install and perform an upgrade without loss of any project information. However, if you choose to uninstall the previous version first and then perform a new install the installer will cater for both scenarios. In the later scenario, if you do get a prompt from the installer stating it found a previous version when you’ve just unistalled it - simply ignore it. This will just be the result of a registry key that wasn’t cleaned up properly with the old installer. This has been fixed with this new one.

If you decide to upgrade, the installer will detect the previous install and proceed to update files installed - once again your writing projects will be completely safe. However, you will end up with another desktop icon called ‘Scrivener Beta’ and another in the start menu. I’ve been wrestling with the installer all weekend trying to workout a way to be smarter about this, I have not solved this yet and figured you’d rather have these fixes than wait. You can always delete the previous items by right-clicking on them (i.e. Scrivener Beta 1 or Scrivener Beta 2) and selecting delete.

Beta 1.3 download:
literatureandlatte.com/scriv … rBeta3.exe
literatureandlatte.com/scriv … rBeta3.zip

Please see the following post for additional background for this beta 3 release regarding the lag issue:
literatureandlatte.com/forum/vie … =32&t=9456

Always put this at the end, because I stopped reading momentarily after that. :slight_smile:

The lag issue does seem to look fixed (First impressions)

Things I’ve noticed:

Edit: Word Count bar hidden unless it is needed.

EDIT: Issue noticed fixed with new project.

  1. Importing a file like “Document.txt.txt” fails and doesn’t work properly.

  2. Opening up the “Start new project” dialogue may not change if you already have Scrivener installed or utilising projects that were made prior due to how the preferences are saved (Might be worth looking into)

They do work now. Thanks!

Indeed. Thanks!

Indeed. You might want to give a pop-up alert so users know what is wrong with the file name.

Thanks, Lee! Another great update.

The word progress bar was gone where I’d set it, but when I reset the word count it came back.

One thing I noticed this morning that I don’t know if it’s new with this release or not is a problem importing a graphic PDF file (i.e., nothing is stored as text, just graphics). When it imports, the document is blank.

If it’s a known issue, let me know. Otherwise, I can send in the file in question for your use.


Mi bad. Indeed it works this way.

Very clever and intuitive fix :slight_smile:

Thank you! :smiley: Was experiencing the disappearing text problem as well as the font resetting itself, my fingers are crossed and I am downloading now.

I did have to manually insert the indents (Ctrl A to select everything and then adjust the indent) about about half of the files. Once I did that, they stayed put when I closed it.

ETA: However, if I’m at the top of the document and hit carriage return to enter text, the font is still reverting from Verdana 12 to MS Shell Dig 2 8.

Yaaaaaay! Thank you for releasing this! It installs without any trouble. The “About Scrivener” feature is quite handy. And no more annoying red lines!

Now index cards font size doesn’t work (Corkboard tab in Options)

Thanks for the About entry on the Help menu. It is useful and appreciated! Eventually, is it going to be expanded to provide the sort of rich information we see in other Windows apps?

I like having the option to close Scrivener when the last project is closed; however, I don’t think that that current 1.3 behavior is in-line with expected Windows behaviors.

As an example, in the last several revisions of Microsoft Office, closing the last document (as opposed to closing the last instance of the application) will keep that instance of the application alive without showing the new project dialog. Users have to explicitly go to File, New to launch the new project dialog. There are separate UI controls and keystrokes to close the document vs. the application (Ctrl-F4 for the formater, Alt-F4 for the latter). I note that Alt-F4 is not bound to close Scrivener – I would think that would be a perfect match for Close All, while Ctrl-F4 works as it does now to close the project that currently has focus.

Launching the startup template screen when the last document instance is closed is definitely a Mac behavior and should be a valid option for those users who are coming over from the Mac, but for those of us who are primarily Windows users, our experience should be consistent with well-written Windows applications. Closing the app when we close the last instance of the document is another option but should not be the default option. The default should be to leave Scrivener running with no document and no dialog, so that the user has to go to the File menu to either load an existing project or start a new project.

First, I would like to thank Lee for all the hard work he has put into getting the latest update out to us.

Second, I would also like to thank all the users who have reported bugs and suggestions for the Windows version.

This has been a great beta release and using NaNoWriMo as a test bed was an awesome idea. Where else are you going to get people using your product on a daily basis and on a deadline?

Thanks again to everyone.

Randy Pitcher
New writer and new Scrivener user

Yay! Both versions work great so far. (Been using the windows one more than the linux one these days because I’ve got some research imported as images at the moment, but I do switch between the two, if I"m just writing.)

First. I want to say thanks for the updates.
Second, I looked at the bug reports and didn’t see anything concerning this and it isn’t a big deal, but a little annoying. There is an auto edit feature that is automatically capitalizing after a period, which is fantastic, except when I change it back to a lower case and then it does it again even two or three words later.

Ex. D.H. had a relationship with clara. Instead of being like this, it changes to D.H. Had a.
I then change it to the lower case and continue with my next word press space only to have it return to a capital letter.

I’m encountering the same error and have reported it in the bug reports forum. While I can understand it capitalizing it initially (it’s hard to tell sometimes if it’s the end of a sentence or an abbreviation), if a user uses the undo to cancel it out, the program shouldn’t keep capitalizing it.

Have you turned off Fix Capitalization of Sentences under Edit/Options/Auto-correction?

Updated great, and seems to be running better than ever. Thanks a lot! Now everyone needs to start specifying if the bug they are reporting is persisting despite the update. Yay for Beta 1.3!

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I will take the time to note the additional bugs and suggested changes.

Yes, when you turn off fix capitalization, the behavior stops. But, for me, I’d like it to fix capitalization of sentences without forcing me to accept the fix when it’s not appropriate.

This happens in most word processors, I have a trick I do to subvert it and it works here too.

Lets say, I’m trying to write the sentence: “She turned down Branson Rd. to get to the grocery store.”

With the auto capitalization it comes out “She turned down Branson Rd. To get to the grocery store.”

This happens in OpenOffice, Word, and now in Scrivener. My solution?

Type out “She turned down Branson Rd. Tto get to the grocery store.”

Then when you go back and delete the capital T the second t stays lowercase. This is just the way auto-capitalization seems to work over all. Unless you’ve seen a program that does it differently?

Awesome! Love the corkboard fixes and the END OF THE LAG! YAY!

Also…I’m delighted that that little continuously updating green progress bar is behaving now!
Actually, I’m continually delighted, with these things and all the little features I keep discovering and using in the program.

One small concern – the issue with “scrivener has encountered a problem and needs to close.” I’ve found some cunning ways to work around this and repair projects the couple times it’s happened (see https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scrivener-exe-has-encountered-an-error-additional-info/9128/1 - note I’m on XP SP3 with the 2008 redistributable), however it would be a shame if it keeps happening. I used to have a similar issue when I downloaded new versions of Liquid Story Binder and pulled a similar stunt to get my file working again. Could a setting in the project file be becoming corrupted when a modified beta is downloaded? Or am I just overthinking it?

Thanks so much! :mrgreen: I <3 Scrivener. NOW to go get up to 11,669 words for nano… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that particular workaround does work. However, as a long-time Word user (since the mid-90s), I have never used that one before. The workaround I’ve always used is to hit Ctrl-Z after the auto correction occurs. Then once I’ve undone the change, Word proceeds to ignore and not autocorrect at that specific spot any more.

At least there’s a workaround now until the bug is fixed (and yes, the developers did identify it as a bug in another thread).