A backspace erases the entire paragraph

This started suddenly and doesn’t seem to be happening in all other sections, but I can’t get it out of this text. (So cut and paste to a new document doesn’t work.)

Whether at the beginning of a paragraph or at the end, a backspace erases the entire paragraph before it (or, if at the beginning of the document, the paragraph after it). It will also add what I think is a bullet point at the beginning of every paragraph in the document. The only way to undo is to Undo Typing.

Related: I cannot go to the top and carriage return to make a new line (or white space) at the top. So in my attempts to write a new starting sentence for the document…I can type new characters, but if I then try to erase one, the whole first paragraph disappears and the bullet points show up. If I type the new character and then hit carriage return (to force a new line in between) the whole paragraph disappears. I have checked other documents where this doesn’t happen and the paragraph indentations don’t show blue arrows on those. I don’t know what would cause that difference.

I can however erase by Select and Cut. I will add a few screenshots of the Invisibles hopefully that helps. In the 3rd screenshot, a paragraph has just disappeared after the pilcrow. I did not type carriage return there. In the 4th shot, if I try to hit backspace to erase the asterisk, the whole paragraph will disappear (and the bullet points show up.

Also, I checked to see if I had hit something on my attached keyboard but it does the same using my laptop keyboard.

Dang it I didn’t attach the 4th shot.