A beginner's plight - no outline or corkboard view

Hi, I just installed Scrivener for Windows on my Windows 7 system. While in text document view I can easily create the various segments of text, rearrange them, nest them, etc., as the tutorial describes - the cork board view and the outline view are blank. In the cork board view, the notecard appears in the right panel, and I can add notes to it. But the card (or the others that should be associated with the other text segments) do not appear on the cork board. Am I missing something? The project was saved, and I have entered and exited a few times to see if that might help.

Make sure you are selecting the item which contains the documents you want to view as index cards or in an outline. The way these views work is by showing the items within them, in terms of outlining. So if you have everything in a flat list in the Draft folder, try clicking on the Draft folder itself.

If you turn on outliner or corkboard when viewing a text document that has no sub-items, then it will show a blank view, because it has no children.