A believable tale

I have came across this in real life several times.
A heartwarming ending.

latimesmagazine.com/2009/12/ … t-i-c.html


A mere two instances, does not a trend make. However, the Sewerborge`s previous espousal of profound sentiments in his preceding post elsewhere, aligned with his seeking out of happy endings, above, does give cause for concern.

The question vying for prominence at this juncture, is: has Paul undergone a, ‘Damascene Experience’? Is he seeking the light, or has he already seen it? If that be so, then the initiation of measures of a counteractive nature, is called for.

Paul, my son, please find enclosed a key to the, Vestry. If you present yourself there, after Evensong, you will find yourself amongst like minded members of the congregation (mostly dominant females), wholl whip you back on to the proper path, before youve had time to say, “Well slap ma thigh!”

As always, I reiterate, we are well provisioned in the the, ‘Whips and Shackles’, dept. so no need to bring your own.
Bless you all, and especially you Paul.

DO you have custom swash buckling belt buckles and those fuzzy pink hairy hand-cuffs or are those items “bring your own”?

Nothing like a swash buckling, hairy pink handcuffed, pirate full of mead and flatulence, wearing a steering wheel on his fly staring at you and answering your question of the steering wheel with “Arrrgh, I know. And it’s driving me nuts.”

Have a care sir, lest we lower the tone of the thread.
The answers to your questions, are yes and no.

You sound like the kind of chap who would go down well with the, 'Domineering Vestry Girls’. Would you care for a key, my good sir?
Bless you all

I thought I would be recognized on site as a VIP and would never have a need for such a key

Even, ‘Very Impertinent Pigeons’, require keys, I`m afraid.
Bless you all