A Better Way to Do This With Scriv 3?

Here’s a trick I’ve used so that character photos can be seen on the corkboard and also in the document itself: I save a large version of the image and insert that, linked to a file, in the document. I also save a small version that I place in the Inspector.

Is there a better way to do that with Ver 3 on the Mac (that is, a way that avoids the need to save two versions)?


If you want the photos available everywhere, you could add them to the research folder and then drag the file names to Project Bookmarks. Click a bookmark to select a photo. Deleting the bookmark only deletes the bookmark. The image remains until it is deleted from the project. Just one version of each photo needed. See the sample project attached.

Slàinte mhòr.

Project Bookmarks.zip (215 KB)

If you need this to be a document then that is probably the best approach, and using a thumbnail sized image for the card will cut down on waste bytes. But if you mainly just need an image with maybe some annotations to describe it, then I’d consider importing/linking to the image at the binder level, so that you get that image on the corkboard by virtue of its nature, and move the commentary over into Document Notes.

Hmm, maybe something like this could work as well:


By virtue of how Scrivenings mode skips over images in the selection, ⌘1 with the image selected would toggle between textual descriptions and the image. Doesn’t quite have the same impact as having it right in the text, but it keeps written content in the middle of the screen instead of in the sidebar.