A big thank you!


I’m taking my first stab at writing a novel, but oh my god… I couldn’t imagine doing it without scrivener. Talk about a well thought-out app.

Thank YOU!

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hey, jalpuna, did you ever get your blog posts problem sorted out?

I’ve found I use the html tags as needed, and then add a paragraph return when I post to delineate the paragraphs.

Indenting proper paragraphs being such a pain in html, I’ve fallen into line and just use an extra space to show paragraphing. In Scrivener I’ve set my preferences to show 1.5 line spaces between paras, and when I import it into Word, the formatting makes it manscript ready.

When I paste it into a blog post on Blogger, I do need to go through and add the extra return, but it gives me a chance to proof. And things still leak through. Oh well.

It’s better than hitting return twice as I write, then then getting rid of it when it don’t need it.

Another thing I’ve just been doing is using the Import a Web Page function to bring it into Scrivener as it looks while posting, and then archiving my stuff as a web page for copyright purposes, this is especially good for guest posts on other blogs.