A Binder Inspector In Composition Mode

Heya guys.

I have an idea for Composition Mode. You know the Inspector HUD, right? And the little “Go To” button on the bottom toolbar, right? The one you click on in order to go through a hierarchical menu of your Project, in order to get to which file you want to edit in Composition Mode, right? Well, why not get rid of the “Go To” button entirely — the thing is a pain and a hassle, especially with a Project structure that has several levels of documents and folders set up — and simply put the Binder contents into the pop-up Inspector HUD, in a new section called, well, “Binder”? Just like the “Synopsis” and “Project Notes” sections of the Inspector HUD, it would give you a scrollable “Binder in a window” that you could access right there in Composition Mode, without having to first exit the mode and navigate around in your project to find whatever you wanted to work on next or refer to while working. I think this would be a really cool idea, and would save a lot of work! Just my two cents’ worth.

—Andy H.

The Inspector contains document-level information, while the Binder is project-level information. Your suggestion would break the equivalence between the Composition Mode Inspector and the Inspector in the standard editor view.


Well then, how about a Project Level window that displays in Composition Mode, with the Binder and Project Keywords in it?