A Binder Question : Curiosity

The attached is a screenshot that shows a Binder in one of my projects.

May I ask what the significance is in the folder icon for “Forms”, as it shows a different icon to the others?
There is nothing in this folder that differs from the others, just text … :confused:

That is exactly the difference the icon is displaying. Since folders can be both containers and text documents themselves, the icons help show you at a glance which also contain text. There are a number of different binder icons to distinguish various states of documents:

The order is essentially text>synopsis>empty. An item’s subdocuments and what kind of text they have does not affect the container’s icon–so a stack that has no text and no synopsis is blank regardless of how much text its subdocuments have.

There is a minor bug at the moment which causes the folder with synopsis icon not to display properly if the folder contains subdocuments (it instead looks like an empty folder), but this is on the list to fix.

Thanks Jennifer …

I couldn’t find that list when I looked, do you have a link I can refer to …

ps the folder icon “without text” - on mine all contain text documents …


Hi Geoff,

There should be an image in the user manual, but I don’t think it’s in there yet. I just made that one to demonstrate.

Regarding your folder icons being wrong, er, that’s another known bug–the file that manages all that doesn’t always refresh properly, so you might see your icons changing as you click on them–e.g. a “blank” icon might suddenly gain text when you click on it and load the document and the project remembers, oh yeah, hey, there’s text here. It’s on Lee’s list. :neutral_face:

Forgive a newcomer if I’m presumptuous here, but I thing one level of explanation that you might be missing is that the folder icon changing for text existing isn’t if the folder contains text documents, but rather if the folder itself has text typed into it. Kind of unique from other software, a Scrivener folder can be pretty much a document itself, that happens to contain other documents,

At least that’s ny understanding… I’ll let the experts jump in here and fill in my goofs :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, Bruce is absolutely correct here, and I may have misunderstood the earlier post. Since in Scrivener a text item in the binder can be both a document itself and a container for other items, the icons help clue you in that your containing folder also is itself a document. So a folder can have no subdocuments at all yet itself have text (which you can see if you go into the View menu and make sure none of the first three options are checked), and you will get a folder icon with a little text document superimposed on it. Or you could have a folder that is purely a container, without any text itself, that has a huge set of subdocuments–that folder will still just have a plain folder icon.

Or at least, that’s how it should be; there are a couple minor bugs right now with the refresh and such that are causing the wrong icons sometimes to be displayed, so you might see a blank folder where really you should see a folder with the text icon, etc. Usually as soon as you click on the item in the binder, the icon will correct itself.