A Bit of a Forum Cleanup?

The forum looks a bit barren in spots, even though it really isn’t. Maybe it’d be nicer, and more conducive to conversation, if we (you, that is) merged some of the subforums, in particular each one outside of scrivener itself, so we had: Scrivener, Other software, Reading, Writing, and Et Cetera? A few bustling categories is much more inviting than a whole bunch with only a few active, and besides, some of the splits seem nitpicky for the volume we’re handling.

Totally not central to The Cause, I know.

Well, y’know, I’m kinda hoping for a little more volume in the future - we are only in a beta phase right now, after all. If once I’ve actually started advertising the app, submitting it to sites and got some reviews these subforums are still a bit empty, then sure, I’ll clean up.

Of course, instead of posting here, you could have started a topic in one of those barren wastelands. :wink: