A brief note on what "post-1.0" means, and the fut


This is really a note for new users, as I really want to avoid false promises and expectations.

As I right this, we are currently coming up to a 1.0 release (the current version is a pre-release beta, free until 1.0, after which Scrivener will cost $34.99). At this stage, the feature-set is locked - a necessity, otherwise it would never reach 1.0 (given my proclivity for tinkering). It is already feature-complete in that it has a lot more than I ever envisioned (much of which is down to astute users making suggestions for improvements that I would never have thought of - thank you). All that remains are a couple of very minor tweaks and the completion of the Help file, all of which I hope to get out of the way by the end of January, so that Scrivener can go on sale prior to February.

I have been very upfront all along that I originally created Scrivener for myself more than anyone else, because I want to use it to write myself - most folk around here know that already, so sorry to bang on. What this means is that after 1.0 is out the door, I am throwing all of my energies into using Scrivener rather than developing it for a fair while, so that I can get back to writing. Thus, when you see me mention that I might consider this or that feature “post-1.0”, that is really shorthand for, “in a few months’ time” - it certainly doesn’t mean February, the week after Scrivener 1.0 is released! :slight_smile:

Rather than adding new features over those months, then, I will be concentrating on using it, and thus any updates will be bug-fixes only. I will be focused on making it as stable as possible.

So, please don’t buy Scrivener if you think it could become the app for you - only buy it if it is already the app for you. I will, of course, continue to answer queries, provide support, and I will note down all items on the wish-list which I think might be worthy of consideration for a future version.

I just wanted to make sure that nobody was led astray when purchasing Scrivener.

Thanks for your continued support and all the best,

hey, thanks for this post and for your refreshing candor…i honestly believe that scrivener in its current form meets or exceeds the needs of most of the folks i’ve followed on this forum…

congratulations, and good luck with your project, break a finger…