A Bug in Labels Function?

This happened to me a couple of times already, and I wanted to know if I am not doing something right, or if may this is a bug…

I may have a folder which is Labeled X. A text file in the folder is Labeled Z. When I move the text file out of the folder, I see that the folder has the label for the text file. Just now, the reverse happened. I had a text file (with label Z), which I moved out of a folder (Labeled X). I created a new folder, Labeled X; one word in the title of the text file and the new folder was the same (may be that’s the culprit?). The text file automatically changes to the label/ color I have the folder and vice versa.

Apologies if this is confusing, but I am a but lost too if the folder is the cause for the problem or the other way around. After I click about a dozen times on the folder and the text file, eventually each one gets the label I want, but it is a lengthy process, and it should not even be happening unless I am doing something I am not aware of.

This is just a bit more elaboration.

I just created a text file, which I have a label X. I then converted it into a folder and I wanted the folder to carry the same label. I placed a text file in the folder and gave it a different label. As soon as I did that, the folder label switched to the same as the text file but only in the inspector so that while the folder is not color-coded, the inspector shows that the folder is the same label as the text file.

I tried giving both the folder and the file no labels thinking it might clear the problem and then start from scratch.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

And this might not be a related issue, but I created a collection containing my major labels. However, I noticed the the collection did not list one (or may be more) file which has the label I am gathering for that collection. The file is labelled correctly, so it should be in the collection, but it is not.

I am a big fan of Labels in Scrivener and over many years have never seen any misbehavior. So, I am thinking that there must be some confusion here.

My first suggestion is this: All of the anomalies you report somehow involve folders. I suspect you think you are assigning a Label to a folder, but are really assigning it to a contained document or vice versa.

When you have a folder selected in the Binder, you are not always seeing the inspector info for that folder in the Inspector. If you have a folder picked, and have a Group Mode enabled (scrivenings, outline, corkboard), and if you have something selected in the Editor area or the cursor is there, then the Inspector shows you the inspector info for the contained document where you cursor is. (To make sure you are seeing the inspector info of the folder you think you are, look at the title in the synopsis area of the inspector – it should show the folder title.)

SIMPLE TEST: Go to your trouble makers and rehearse the steps that you think make the trouble happen. But this time, do not use the Inspector label pop-up. Instead, select each item in the Binder one at a time and use control-click on the binder item to bring up the contextual menu which also has a Label-assigning menu on it. I am betting that if you run this test, you will not be able to produce these apparent anomalies. Because working with the pop-up menu, you can only effect the label assignment of the thing actually chosen in the Binder.

Hope this helps!

Gr, you are right. I think the problem came from locking the top editor. When I lock it, the Inspector shows information for the top editor regardless of what other entry (folder or text file) I select. So When I was trying to change the label of text files and folders, I was actually changing the label of the top editor entry. That’s my current explanation.

That makes a lot of sense.

all best,