A bunch of questions

Hi there,

Still loving Scrivener. Can’t wait for the release version. I’ve got quite a few questions though so I’ll start with something that will hopefully answer a lot of other questions I have: Is there a Mac feature list available for the version that the Windows release version is targeting? Rather than waste people’s time asking a bunch of “Will the release do X?” questions, I’d be quite happy to see exactly where things are headed.

Will it be possible to save (and open) directly to (from) the back up (zip) format and not maintain a project folder? I cannot fathom a reason I need to have access to the project folder. At least I haven’t needed to bore down into it yet…

Will the backup save feature remember where you are saving your back ups so you don’t have to keep navigating to the same place everytime?

Will I need to purchase two licenses to run Scrivener on my desktop and on my netbook? Or do you support a floating license scheme?

Will Scrivener support macros? It does support macros in scriptwriting mode, yes?

I don’t know about your other questions but I believe I’ve read somewhere on the forums/site that once you buy a license you can use it as many computers as you own so you won’t have to buy multiple licenses.