a caution with synchronization / ChronoSync

This applies to people using ChronoSync or some other synchronization tool that relies on file modification dates.

I don’t remember what the default settings are but…

Say (like me) you’ve been working on computer B for a few days.

If you have Scrivener on computer A set to open the last opened documents, and you have autosave on, and you accidentally or deliberately open Scrivener before syncing with computer B, whatever files you last had opened on computer A will be updated. This is normal and works the way it should. Except that when you sync, the computer A files will now be treated as newer than those on computer B and sync in the wrong direction. Wiping out a few days’ work.

I had a backup, so I was fine, and have now set all my copies of Scrivener to not open last opened documents, and only autosave after 60 seconds rather than immediately.

That is a very sensible setting to enact, when using a heavy multi-computer workflow. It’s all to easy to open Scrivener before you sync, and then forget that some of the stuff you had open in your prior session haven’t been synced yet. The best thing to do in this case is to just quit Scrivener and then run your sync software, making sure to set the direction manually for the projects that were accidentally open. With ChronoSync, you can select the projects in the sync preview window and set them to force left once. This will ignore any date stamps and just dump whatever is on the transfer media to the computer, but only once. After that sync it will return to its normal operation.