A centenarian on Scrivener?

I have just noticed that LinnyP seems to be 101 today. Remarkable. A mischievous streak there, perhaps? Or am I being unjust? If it’s true it deserves to be noted!


LinnyP is closer to 21 than she is to 101. She’s extracting the urine with that detail. :wink:
Anyway, women never tell the truth about their age…do they?

You should never even hint at a woman’s age. They are trained to kill and hide the body at a very early age. The only thing keeping us alive is we make excellent scape goats…

Oh no. Hinting at a woman’s age can oil the water, bring light to the world and probably rescue stray kittens, but only if you do it right. For example, “So, is this your sister? What, your daughter? No!” can be an appropriate and winning comment even if, in fact especially if, everybody involved knows it is a game. The more naive risk takers could even get away with other age hints like “I’m sorry miss, I’ll need to see some ID” (especially if followed by, “Oh, sorry miss, I would never have guessed”).

However, get it wrong and Wock is right: the people who care may never find your body. For example, if you get the “you must be sisters” line wrong then the daughter will hunt you down with a blunt bowie knife and a toothpick. You don’t want to know about the toothpick. :open_mouth: