A chair and a desk... simple.

awwe! cum on! I did say “(if memory serves)” :open_mouth:

As for jaysen leaping to your defence, forget it. You don`t want to go down that road. Believe me :open_mouth:

Since most seem to be using laptops… here’s an alternative to the desk problem. And it allows you to sit where ever you want. A sofa perhaps. Or in bed. And it actually is an IKEA product! Called BRÄDA (board). Haven’t tried it though…


Now listen you. If her position was defensible I would have leapt right in there to take the blows you were showering down on her.

But then her position would have had to be defensible. I can read. Not much room for defense there…

That actually looks pretty good. Now, if only they did one big enough to have all my note papers spread out, as well. Oh, and a cup of tea. Oh, and an ashtray. Oh, and…


Further desk-related question or request:

I have only limited space for a desk. This is ok though, because I have only limited need for it.

What I am looking for is a writing desk that folds up/closes somehow. Has to be smaller than a rolltop, but big enough for my 15" MacBookPro and a G-Drive (for backing up), with a place for the cables to run out the back and hide on their way to the outlet.

I don’t want an antique writing desk where the part that you write on flips up to enclose the front, as they seem all to be NOT QUITE large enough. But a contemporary version of that would be welcome.

Thoughts, links? I’m in the US of A, by the way.

b1225 (whose back spasms of yore have only ever been re-activated by one of those horrible, over-priced Aeron chairs!)

Make sure the Aeron is adjusted properly. If they’re not, they can be really awful.


NOW you tell me!! The first and worst time it happened (it has happened three times) I checked into a hotel and was told how cool and hip and comfy the hotel was, because they have different color Aeron chairs, as if the color mattered. I sat down and reached below me to grab the card (attached to the seat bottom) that explained how to adjust the chair - and ZING! Back pain extraordinaire…so for me, the trick was adjusting it without hurting myself.

I’m better now though. But I still need a fold-up desk!


Yes, though it should be remarked that the so-called “full lotus” as depicted is not something easily done. Some people are flexible enough to get it down quickly (I was moderately lucky in that sense), with a little practice, others never will be able to do it. The half lotus where one foot is placed beneath the thigh is considerably easier, and only slightly less stable.

Both are really good for posture, they practically force you to sit in a healthy manner. One thing you do want to watch out for is neck tilt, and arm height when typing. No matter now properly one sits, the head and arms do not rely upon the central trunk for placement. This of course goes for sitting in an ordinary office chair, too.

The one issue I have with those lap desks pictured above is that it requires the user to keep their neck tilted down, and this can be bad for the upper spine in the long run.

Meanwhile, for the truly addicted (or perhaps the consummate pacer):

For a folding desk, how is this?

And this last one for people low on space who wish to have modular living quarters. It is hard to tell what is going on here, but the keyboard electronics are actually woven into the fabric of this touch-sensitive tea setting, combing two great pleasures into one.

I’ve never found the full lotus (or the half lotus, or tailor fashion) comfortable for long periods of time, although I can do all of them easily. The sitting pose I learned in yoga which I find comfortable puts one ankle in front of the other - no twisting of any body parts on top of the other, they’re all on the floor. As soon as I overlap pieces of my legs, things start falling asleep and then it’s really hard to walk later.

I prefer lying down on the sofa with a table similar to the one below:

I can adjust the height and angle of my laptop and still have a flat surface for my L&L mug of coffee.

Gerrorrf wid y!! Ylittle vixen!! That`s a glass of Jameson!!

No doubt you have already fiddled, but I found that supporting cushion height and firmness was the difference between ten minutes or hours, for me. I do periodically rotate between left and right leg height, perhaps every 15 minutes or so, even though it feels unnecessary, I have found through experience that not doing that does lead to circulation cut-off after a while.

I have to agree on tailor, though! That one and I never got along very well.

This one comes with built in power to help recharge your laptop. :slight_smile:

My favourite writing setup is my couch and my “lapinator”. (http://www.lapinator.com/)

It’s a very cheesily-named laptop desk which is one of the few products I have loved enough to become evangelical about. That puts it in Scrivener’s company, which is good society to be in.

It’s extremely comfortable to work on, but the best thing is that it completely prevents heat from my laptop reaching my body. Since my Macbook runs hot, and I will often sit in my couch-based writing nest for hours at a time, this is a priceless feature. My only problem is that my partner keeps stealing it away to use with his monstrosity of a Dell, but insists we don’t need two of them…

Hi guys and gals.

I have enjoyed all of your posts. I dont know about the electric chair or the lotus position but I am still hunting for a chair. The problem is I want a herman miller at quality save prices! I am playing the patient route also I dont have a lot of money these days, due to these times we live in and the other more local economic time fator of christmas.

I did manage to solve the desk situation though. One of my neighbours threw away an old IKEA pine dinning table, which had a broken leg. Swiftly stolen* from the back garden and a few ‘drilled holes, bolts and a quick sanding down’ later its as good as new.

A kitchen chair is proving to be just fine at the moment and I am unsure if I can complain about back ache from a chair when I sleep on a mattress with multiple protruding springs :slight_smile:

*not actually stolen, I rang to ask.

Welcome aboard the Good Ship Scrivener! :smiley:
Dont be bothering yr arse about being a bit of a crook! The worst that can happen to you aboard Scrivener, is that other member of the crew, will treat you as iconic and follow you around like disciples.
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