A corkboard question

Is there a simply way of seeing all my scenes from my whole MS on the corkboard? I’ve put them all in a collection to view them at the moment, but I can’t add to them that way, so that I can do a bit of playing around with a bit of planning for the next part of my story. Any thoughts/

I’m afraid there’s not a good way of doing this at the moment, no. Collections will be the way to do this, letting you see everything as a flat list, rearrange it as you like (without affecting the original binder order), and add new items easily, but that last bit isn’t there yet. It’s on the list and should be coming soon, since it’s a big part of what makes collections so useful.

In the meantime, what you could do is duplicate all the elements in your draft and then put them as a flat list in a new “For Play” folder. So these will actually be copies of your items, meaning that if you make changes to the actual text, labels, etc. that won’t be saved in the original and you’ll need to either replace the original with the duplicate or make the changes in the original as well. But you will be able to rearrange these and add new items to that folder without disturbing the original hierarchy, then just move the new items you create to the proper places in the original once you’re ready.

Alternatively you could duplicate the original Draft as-is and keep that as a “Original Version” and then mess around with the real one, since you can always fall back to the previous version (keeping a backup of the project before you do this is also a good way to store that “save point”), but you won’t see everything on the corkboard unless you flatten the hierarchy first, so that may be less use to you. You can see all the levels if you’re viewing the outliner, but obviously that’s a whole different visual so it may not work for your creativity as well, but if you haven’t tried it you might take a look at that, since you can rearrange items there just as you would on the corkboard, but maintaining the different depths.

I am not a technical advisor or affiliated with L&L. I am just a user.
It is possible to see all scenes on the corkboard.

This is what I do:
Expand all my folders in the binder so the scenes are listed under each chapter.
Then, I select the first chapter folder and hold the shift key and scroll to the last scene. This selects all the items in the draft folder.
Then I click on the corkboard. All the index cards for all the scenes will show.
I close the Inspector to make the editor screen larger.
I adjust the size of the index cards for the best viewing size.
I can scroll through all the index cards.

It helps to have different label colors for each chapter. I can play with the arrangements. If I move a scene to another chapter its color clearly shows where it moved from so it could be moved back if needed.

With label colors applied to the binder folders, you can easily see what you moved and to where.

One could also make a new color label and change the Status label for cards that you are moving about. A note under Document Notes could list the original position or other positions tried.

As a precaution, one should work with a copy of the file or ensure you have a saved back up.

You could also make a copy of the scene and place it where you want. Again using Document Notes to help keep track of what you are doing.