A couple of compiling questions: <$hn> tag and footer

Hi, I’m writing my PhD dissertation using Scrivener, and I have a couple of questions regarding compiling.

  1. I want the headings in my dissertations look like this:

I tried many combinations in the “Formatting” pane during compile, and the closest I can get is to use <$hn> tag in ALL of the title prefixes. However, this will give “CHAPTER 1: TITLE1”, instead of “CHAPTER ONE: TITLE1”. Is there any other way to achieve this? I tried to use <$W> in the chapter, and <$hn> in the headings, but this way the <$hn> auto numbering was incorrect, it won’t restart from 1 in a new chapter.

  1. My university requires to use roman numerals in the front matter, but not on the title, copyright, and approval pages (first 3-4 pages depends on if you have a epigraph page). In other words, the page number should start with “iv” or “v” on the 4th or 5th page, and change to arabic number for the main text.

In the “Page Settings” pane during compile, I use <$p> for normal footer, and <$p-r> for first pages with “Automatic” for “Start regular header and footer on” setting. But this will put roman numeral on ALL front matter pages. How do I just skip the first 3-4 pages of front matter?

Thank you so much for your help! I do enjoy using Scrivener on my dissertation very much!