A couple of "nice to haves"

Hello all,

I recently came up with a couple of (good?) ideas for new Scrivener features (or perhaps improvements on existing features). Tell me what you think:

• In addition to “Project Title” and “Abbreviated Title,” the Project Properties pane of Meta-Data Settings ought to also feature the field, “Subtitle”, with its own <$tag> for compile purposes. I know this can already be done via Custom Metadata (at least, I think it can), but doing it this way would be far more intuitive, I think.

• The ability to search “Spotlight style” through all a Project’s keywords within the keywords window, “Smart Collections” of keywords (and thus categories for keywords) as well as metadata-based “Smart Collections” in the Binder.

• “Undo” for Project Replace (would involve a snapshot being taken, possibly)?

• A folder called “Snippets” (or whatever) present within each Project, which would act like a clipboard that could hold multiple clippings, would be persistent across all open Projects, and that could store and retrieve copy/pasted Binder items and their hierarchies as well as text, images, whatever. Would also be “drag and drop.” Ideally, it would also feature a “History” function, as well, and could be flushed on exit, or just the history could be flushed, etc.

• Custom-defined color coding menus: Currently, we have “Status” and “Label,” and the option to “Use Label Color In…”, etc. Wouldn’t it be neat if we could define our own custom color-coded menus, such as, for instance, “Lead Character”, with red being “Joyce”, blue bring “Frank”, and orange being “Bob,” etcetera. Further, once created, these custom color menus would show up in the “View” menu, with “Use Lead Character Color In…”, or “Use Point of View Color In…”, just like “Use Label Color In” currently works right now. I personally think this would be an AWESOME feature. Bonus points if the word or phrase associated with a color automatically gets added as a keyword to the current document!

That’s all I’ve got for now . . .

Yours truly,
Andy H.

This is what I did (for subtitle and a couple of other information, I need to include in each script I write), but now I have a subtitle field for all the documents in my project. It would be helpful to have custom project meta data, additionally to custom meta-data.

How is this different than saved search collections that are configured to only look at keywords?

When you bring up the edit window for Labels, you can change “label” to “Lead Character”, or “PoV” or whatever you like. That changes the menu items to say “Use PoV Color In…”. Is there something else you wanted the Label or the Status to do that I’m missing?

Adding a keyword automatically would be kind of redundant, since you can search label values, but you can also just select all of the “Joyce” colored documents in the binder and add the Joyce keyword to them all in one fell swoop.