A couple of questions before I update to 2.7

I am on the fence about updating to 2.7. The reason is that I have, and sometimes even use, an old iBook running Tiger (yes, I know it sounds crazy, but that’s the last OS that allows me to open classic files from a couple of apps that never made the transition to OS X), and the incompatible file format would be an issue. So the questions are:

Are there any serious bugs that would prevent me from sticking with 2.6 when I update to El Capitan?
Is there some way to export a project back to the old format in 2.7? (and if there isn’t, can I request that as a feature?)

The main issue in 2.6 when updating to El Capitan is that headers and footers will be printed upside-down.

There is no way to export a project back to the old format, and no plans to add it, sorry. Not that it’s a bad idea, just that time and resources don’t allow it at the moment.

All the best,

Okay, thanks, and I want you to know that I absolutely love the program.

As to the current issue, I know time and resources are limited (and I don’t know how complicated it would be, so it may be a crazy notion), but would you consider releasing a final point update for 2.6 that addresses the compatibility issues with El Capitan, while retaining the old file format? It’s just that while I understand that there may be some changes that call for a new format, by combining that change with the bug fixes for a new OS you are leaving me, and I suspect quite a few others, between a rock and a hard place (also, a download link to 2.6 to allow those who updated without realizing that 2.7 would break backwards compatibility to downgrade might come in handy).

BTW, I’m curious as to why you decided to go with a new file format, and what are the advantages of the change.

I’m in the same situation. Would like to upgrade to El Capitan but I hold off for the moment as Scrivener 2.7 new file format would kill the workflow of seamlessly exchanging projects between my MacBook Pro and my ancient but still-running-strong Power Mac G5 and 12inch PowerBook G4. Although these machines are already a decade old, they still work flawlessly even with rather complex Scivener projects. I want to continue writing on these machines until they kick the bucket :wink:
So a compatibility update for 2.6 for El Capitain would be most appreciated! No need for the new icons or any other stuff, just the bare essentials so that 2.6 runs smoothly on El Capitan.

I think it’s an unreasonable request, and that you have to make a choice: stay with the old hardware/software or move forward and upgrade.
Or put it another way: if you need a special adaption of 2.6 to enable it to run inder El Capitan, who’s to pay for that adaption? You or L&L?