A couple of questions (Scrivener v 1.54)

I’ve got a Scrivener project that’s been around for several years, long enough that I’ve apparently forgotten how I managed to set some things up. Now that I’m working on it again for the first time in quite a while, I’ve run across a couple of things I set in the past that I need to modify now. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find what I need looking through the online help, so I’m hoping the more regular users of the program will be able to tell me what I need.

  1. In the Outliner, I had apparently changed the name of the column that’s normally ‘Label’. I’d like to change it back. How do I do this?

  2. To print individual chapters I use ‘Compile Manuscript’ (so I can set up a custom header for all of the chapter) and print from there. I’m finding that my ‘old’ chapters print with the chapter number they originally had printed before the chapter text (e.g. “CHAPTER 10”) while the new chapters I’ve inserted/appended don’t get this. I’ve checked everything I can about the chapter’s text document and enclosing folder to find out where I’d set this in the past but with no luck. Any idea where I might have set this?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  1. Right-click on any item in the binder and choose Label/Edit in the context menu. Not only you can add, delete and rename labels here but you can also rename the category “Label” itself.

  2. If I remember correctly you have to add <$n> to the name of your chapters. For example you could name them “Chapter <$n>”. I never used chapter numbering and I’m working with 2.0 which has a totally remade (and improved) Compile feature so I cannot guarantee that this is the best or even a proper way to get what you want. But I guess that’s the best advice you will get on New Year’s Eve. :wink:

Report back next year if it worked and all the best!

For suavito’s number one above, just a note that in the context menu “label” will also be renamed to whatever you called it earlier, so look for that name instead. You’ll do the same thing though, it would just say, e.g., “Point of View” and when you select that in the context menu you’ll still get the “Edit” option where you’ll be able to rename it back to “Label.”

For the second, presumably you have text either in the title or body of a folder or document that says “Chapter” and the number or the <$n> variable. Try running a search for “chapter” and see what it pulls up. Presumably it’s not a title in the binder or you’d notice it, but if you haven’t already try checking the document associated with the folder–open the folder and then look at it in single-view so you’re seeing its document rather than its subdocuments. A lot of times people put the Chapter <$n> code there.

I’ve gotten #1 taken care of thanks to the replies. With regards to #2, the “CHAPTER” text seems to be associated with the folder, as when I do a Compile Manuscript and uncheck the box for the folder (leaving only the text document box checked) the text does not appear in the printout. I’ve tried modifying the title of the folder but that’s not it; the text is in some other way associated with it. What else should I try?

It really sounds like you have the in the folder document itself. Does your icon in the binder for the folders that have the “chapter” associated with them look like this?:folder with associated text.png
Select one of those folders in the binder. If it opens as Edit Scrivenings, Corkboard, or Outliner, click that button in the toolbar to deselect it. You should then see the document text associated with the folder, which hopefully will say “Chapter <$n>” or something similar.

That’s it! I didn’t recall that you could uncheck the corkboard when a folder was selected. Obviously I don’t use the program often enough to remember some of the features.

Thanks, MimeticMouton. I really appreciate it.