A couple of things about sorting

I have a few questions about collections and sorting the scenes.

  1. When I try to drag and drop from the corkboard to a collection, it looks as if it is going to work, but the scene doesn’t end up in the collection. Is it a bug, or am I not doing it the right way?

  2. I would like to be able to sort the items in a collection in different ways, mostly I want to be able to automatically put them in the same order as in the binder. Is there a way? For instance, if I change the scenes around in the Binder, It would be convenient not to have to do that in the collection as well.

  3. Is there a way to undo changing the order of scenes? I sometimes change the order by mistake on the corkboard, and don’t remember the original order.

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This should be possible. When you’ve selected the card, are you dragging it to the collection’s tab in the binder, so that the name of the collection (in the tab) gets a highlight box around it? Like this:dragtocollection.png
You should also be able to drag directly into the collection list if you have the collection open in the binder and the documents you want to drag open on the corkboard.

Not exactly; static collections, which I think you’re talking about, are meant to be separate from the binder order once they’re in the collection to allow you to rearrange the documents in the collection without affecting the binder. Search collections will reorder automatically according to the binder order. However, you could select all in the static collection and use “Reveal in Binder” to switch back to the binder view with all the documents selected, and then create a new collection with that selection–so you end up with the same documents as in the original collection, but now reordered to match the binder. You can then delete the original collection.

I’m afraid not, due to the way the undo stacks work. If you have a backup of the project, though, you can open the two versions side by side to do a comparison and rearrange your more recent project to match the older version.