A couple of things ...

I think it would be great if the scrollbars on the full screen could fade in when the mouse is over them; something I got used to in Ulysses I think.

And could you make the panes in the inspector resizeable? I could do with more space for the synopsis.

And is there a way to attach a note to each chapter (I suppose it could go in the synopsis if I could make it bigger)


Excellent work by the way; dunno how you find the time, being a teacher.



The fade-in scrollbar is oft-requested and on the list of possibilities… The thing I don’t like about the Ulysses implementation is that the scrollbar only appears if the mouse is over it, which means that you have to mouse around to find it. I prefer the WriteRoom implementation, where the scrollbar fades in if you move the mouse. So if I’m going to do it, I want to do it like that - however, that is a little harder, so I need to allocate some time for it, but it’s not a high priority compared to other features at the moment.

The index card in the inspector is designed to keep the proportions of an index card, so it gets taller only if you drag it wider.

Thanks and all the best,

And what colour will the ‘new’ scrollbar have? I would like it to have by default the same colour as the text in Full Screen … That would be the most ‘relaxing’ solution for the eyes - or so it seems to me.

Like I say, it’s not even a definite, and if it does happen, it will keep the current colour in all likelihood. It’s not a high priority as its cosmetic rather than functional.

Sorry if I’m misreading here, but you can add a note to a chapter by going to the bottom of the inspector and selecting supporting materials instead of meta data, or just hit command-4 (command-3 to get back to meta data). There is a nice note pane in this part of the inspector.

I must have been tired when I first read Rayz’s post, as I seem to have missed that part. Yes, as Alexwein said, hit Cmd-4 or just change the popup at the bottom of the inspector to “Supporting Materials” to add notes.

Thanks and all the best,

Yes! That’s exactly what I was looking for!

Not sure how I missed it!

Thanks chaps!