A couple of versioning features:

  1. Snapshots should save the Synopsis and Notes info, too. I plan my writing in advance, and I have a lot of info in these two areas
  2. Global Snapshot/Version - I would like to have something better than File > Save As… for trying out different ideas. Sometimes I want to try out an idea that really wrecks the outline I have - e.g. what if the antagonist is not XYZ, but actually a network bound by a mysterious, unseen force that the hero discovers over the course of the story. I would like to be able to put a pin in my project, explore this other possibility without thinking too much about versions and files and tools, and then come back to my first idea if it doesn’t work out. Like Snapshots, but for the entire project.

In what way is creating a duplicate of the project via Save As or as a backup not suitable for the second? It’s easy enough to compare project versions when you put them side by side, and if you name your files aptly, it’s easy to revert to a previous version that way.

Another option would be to create a duplicate within the binder itself. Say you write up to a certain point and decide to change course—duplicate the Manuscript folder (or whatever portion of it you’d like) and rename the new folder to differentiate them. Collapse the original Manuscript folder. Work in the new one. If the changed course doesn’t pan out, delete the new folder, archive it, or drag it off into a different project file to return to later if you want to revisit it.

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with Save As I’m doing the versioning myself - using brain energy for machine work, hunting through the system explorer, etc.

I hadn’t thought of duplicating the whole thing within the binder. For what I’m talking about, I would make a global folder that includes everything and just keep duplicating that for every idea I want to try. That sounds better than Save As, anyway.

IDK how that will impact sync. I do jot ideas on my phone as they come to me, and doing it this way I would have 10x 20x, 30x (?) as many files. It looks like my current average file count for a short story is somewhere around 200 files…

Anyway I may try that idea. It’s the most appealing option ATM.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Personally I would use the Backup features rather than Save As for this. Once you’ve got it set up, creating a backup to a designated location with a unique name is just a mouse-click or two.

You might also want to explore the Collections feature, which is designed for non-destructive experimentation.