A crash report

My scrivener crashed unexpectedly, as I was simply typing on (of course it is possible that I hit some odd key combination by mistake).

(I thought I’d copy the crash report here, but for some reason it is impossible to copy it from the report window, and there is a lot of text)

I try to choose the most relevant here:



Scrivener crashed with SIGSEGV in operator delete()

Ubuntu 12.04 i386

(gave "installation media as 11.10, but I presume it is just the distro I first installed in this -puter and irrelevant information here)


SegvReason reading unknown VMA Signal 11

And then (this was in Finnish so I just refer) telling that transfrerring characters from UTF-8 to current character set is unsuccessful).


I restarted the program immediately and luckily everything seemed intact.