A Criminally Delightful 5 Minutes...Enjoy!

Just came across this, and thoroughly enjoyed it. :smiley: Hope y’s all do too :wink:
guardian.co.uk/books/audiosl … idmitchell

I kinda feel like I just pirated something through proxy…

Pourquoi, Monsieur le Pigeon :confused: ?

I don’t speak that foreign gibberish, only english and bad engrish but since we are taking in the bunny bunny foo foo language I will draw a picture to easier explain the topic.

yah yarrrghh

'twas beautiful. Every time I thought he was getting too flowery (no pun intended) with adjectives, he’d then stun me with a detailed observation that made it live.

Thanks for the link, it made my day.

Yes, very good. Thanks Vic.

Of course, any pleasure to be derived from this rendition of, The Gardener, owes as much to the voice and delivery of Chris Moran, as it does, the talent of the author, David MItchell. A great combo…eh?! :wink: :smiley: I enjoy listening to it.

Moran has a great audio book narrator’s voice.
Take care y’all,
You too, Monsieur le Pigeon :wink: