A curious quirk in full-screen word searching...

A curious little ‘bug’ when using Scrivener in full-screen mode in macOS:

When using COMMAND+F to call up the find/replace dialogue box and using it to search (e.g. entering a term and hitting RETURN to search), following this by pressing ESC not only closes the find/replace dialogue box, but also kicks the app out of full-screen mode and back into windowed mode.

I’ve tried various options to stop it doing this, but haven’t found one. The only way I can close the dialogue without cancelling out full-screen mode is to use the mouse and manually click the red window closure button on the dialogue box itself.

Not a huge glitch, by any means — but something of an annoyance that grows the more times one is ‘finding’ things in a document!

Cheers, T.

(NB: Using the latest release of Scrivener for macOS on a MacBook 12" retina (2015 model) display running macOS Sierra 10.12.1 (beta).)

There might be a clue in the first part of your description: the expected behaviour here when pressing Return is for the next search hit to be highlighted and for the Find panel to be automatically closed. That key is meant to get you out of search options and back to “headless” searching with Cmd-G/Shift-Cmd-G.

Have you set the hidden SCRSuppressFindPanelAutoClose key in the .plist? That would cause the described behaviour above, and if it is set I would try deleting it, resetting the macOS preference cache and see if the Esc problem happens with default behaviour.

If you’re positive you never set that, it might be an external thing then, like a remapper? That should be easy to test against if so.

By the way, for a better workaround that clicking than little red button, Cmd-W should work, and for most panels in Scrivener at that.