A "Digital" Corkboard

If you are used to working in a mapping environment where individual items are drawn in boxes on an ordinary plain background, and would like for Scrivener’s Corkboard to look more digitally “inclinedâ€

Thanks for this. I have pondered on whether I should offer a more “digital”-looking corkboard theme, with rounded corners or some such. Probably too much work for the time being, but a thought for the future.

Yeah, it might be nice in the future, though it could open things up to a host of wanted options. It is one thing to display an index card on cork, there are only so many ways to display that. Once you get into the organisational chart look, though – people are going to expect a certain level of customisation. I want to make my borders thicker/redder/more round/square only/why can’t I have triangles – and so on.

To my knowledge, nobody has requested quadrille cards for the corkboard. Maybe you could sell an expansion pack with different decks of cards. Ha. Mixed colours, tabbed, 3-hole punched.