a discovery - not really a bug in 1.8

I work mostly in Final Draft 8, and was anxious to put one of my screenplays in, so I was disappointed that the IMPORT feature in Scrivener 1.8 Beta did not allow for the RTF import- only the TXT, DOCX, HTM and DOC files

I discovered that right-clicking in the Scrivener SCREENPLAY FORMAT TEMPLATE brought up a sub-menu with ADD>EXISTING FILES which under “files of types” had an “Any ()” option which DOES allow the import of RTF (as well as PDF and others)

My screenplay is now in Scrivener (with a few formatting errors – ALL CAP issues) but nonetheless, the script is in!!!
I am now a happy camper.

Perhaps this was obvious to most of the testers, or most of them work with other formats than screenplays, but I hope it helps at least one person

Marta, thanks – that avenue is very good to know.

I’m sure Lee intends the RTF import to be present in normal ways – probably it slipped out under the work they are doing to get the whole document interchange thing settled.


Also, though it stripped some formatting (bullets from a list), I was able to drag .rtf files into the Binder directly from File Explorer and they imported, so that may be another workaround in the meanwhile. (This is for 1.9.)


The simplest way to import “rtf” files is to type “*.rtf” in the “file name” box.

Import is working : it is only the “show rtf files” button, that is missing.

When I import, I only type * in that box, and then enter.

That makes the files visible, which is the only missing feature here…

I tried that but all the text became left-aligned (1.9)