A farewell to the Windows forums... and a hello to Mac ones

Well. So I “inherited” a MacBook Air in a pretty good state, It runs Catalina pretty fast, so I didn’t think twice and bought my third copy of Scrivener (my first being my 2,0 Mac version, my second being my iPad’s), My windows machine will be left for photography and videogames…

One thing I’d like to point out it’s the following: I tried to buy my copy from your website, but my ING Spain MasterCard didn’t deem your platform trustworthy enough… so I ended up paying through the Mac App Store. I wonder if any of the Spanish users has suffered any similar issues. Or any other European that has an ING account.

Anyway, for me the wait for the Windows version is over. Cheers.

At the risk of being a little crass, ‘once you go Mac, …’ Welcome (back?) to the shiny side… :smiley:

Thanks a lot, but bear in mind it’s not a complete comeback. I mean Im not buying an iPhone ever again with those prices and those ugly big inserts on the screen to lodge the selfie camera (something I’m yet to use)…

Have I said how much I love v3?

The notch is not for the selfie camera as such. Its main function is to house the camera and the components of FaceID. Funny everyone slagged it yet every phone mfr copied it on at least one model, even without being able to replicate FaceID and some of the copies (Google, talking to you) were even larger and intrusive.

I find you don’t even notice it in everyday use.

Still, each to their own… :smiley:

And agree V3 is the ducks…

Hey, Lucky, how about I give you my address and you send me the MAC. I think Scrivener and MAC is a no brainer. Sadly, I have a Windows PC…

Just ‘rediscovered’ old 2010 13” MacBook Air tucked away in drawer. Has faulty trackpad and being obsolete, no repairs, but mouse works a treat, so plotting what to do with it. First up, high sierra upgrade the go from there.

Godspeed. Keep us updated.

Concerning the no repairs… Surely the official Apple shops will not offer repairs, but surely there must be alternatives, that as a plus, will result in more affordable prices.

As much as I hate to be ‘that guy’, neither the notch nor facial recognition were original to Apple. The Sharp Aquos S2 and the Essential Phone (both are Android phones) featured notches and were both released in August of 2017 beating the iPhone X by 3 months.

The Motorola Atrix 2 (Again an android phone) was one of the first phones with facial recognition and it was released way back in 2011 which was six years before Apple got around to adding it to their phones.

Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Edited to add: Apparently, OMRON first developed facial recognition for mobile devices way back in 2005.

phys.org/news/2005-03-world-rec … obile.html

I can find no mention of the technology used in any actual phones, but regardless it’s quite fascinating that the technology has been around that long before entering mainstream use.

Well, you were that guy, but yes, let’s give credit where due.

The fact that a couple of tier 3-4 mfrs managed to rush a notch design out before the iPhone means nothing. The notch was leaked something like a year ahead and the mad rush that always happens did yet again. Must get that ‘feature’ out before Apple. The fact was their notches were simply a cosmetic ploy and did not contain the functions within the Apple notch because no-one could.

After the release of X every mfr and his cousin brought out one or more phones with notches containing little else than cameras just to look like the X. Google’s effort was obscenely large.

As for facial recognition, again, the Apple facial recognition bore no resemblance to the easily defeated half-arsed attempts that came before.

It’s been said that Samsung and a few others throw half thought out ideas (aka Shit) at the wall and see what sticks. As previous, Samsungs (and everyone else’s) efforts were basic picture recognition. The ‘picture’ was stored locally and open to cracking, plus being defeated by A PICTURE.

Apple FaceID contained features it took others something like 2 years to approximate.

Apple are far from perfect, however their path to market on most innovation is to develop it thoroughly and only release when it is ready for market with a benefit.

Sales 101, focus on BENEFIT not FEATURE.

So, I agree with you wholeheartedly - ‘Let’s give credit where credit is due’ - Apple for not rushing (too many) half-arsed ideas to market.


You make some fair points, but to claim that these earlier innovations are half-assed is quite insulting to the all the engineers and true innovators that helped pave the way for Apple. Apple, Samsung and the other big names don’t innovate they just take what other people have done, copy it and sometimes even manage to make it better and charge 3-4x the price of what it’s actually worth. Samsung is just a little more obvious about copying it’s competitors. Motorola was quite innovative back in the day, but that was several buy-outs ago.

Facebook managed to develop a Facial Recognition system way back in 2014 that used neural networks like Face Id way back in 2014. All Apple did was bring that functionality to a phone. Even the vaunted ECG feature Apple added to its watches was copied. AliveCor launched a watchband with the same functionality for the Apple Watch in 2017. Yes, it was FDA approved too.

Frankly, I hate the tear drop, I’ve never owned a phone with one and I hope I never do. Let’s be honest, cutting a little piece out of a screen to make room for a camera and some senors, isn’t really all that innovative anyway. So what if their competitors copied it. Following a design trend, doesn’t make it any more innovative. My own phone took a rather novel approach, the back dual-camera actually rotates. The back-facing camera becomes the front-facing camera and it works pretty well. It has almost no bezel and costs almost half the price of a certain Samsung phone that has the same processor and gpu.