A Few Bugs 0.29

KUbuntu 10.10 64-bit with required libs plus ia32-libs installed. (ia32-libs may be the source of my spell check issue… Not sure, yet.) Most of these are minor quibbles.

  • if you don’t enter a filename on the “Create New Project” screen…clicking Okay doesn’t close the box. You must click the x.
  • Scrivener Options > General - Unable to choose citation manager. Clicking “Choose” doesn’t do anything.
  • When changing the options, Apply should be grayed out unless you’ve made a change. If you make a change and then click Apply, it should also be grayed out.
  • No paragraph automatic indents after bullets.
  • So far, no MMD. (This may be due to where MMD is installed on my machine.) Despite my refound love for Scrivener, no MMD would be a deal breaker.
  • When outlining, new text always goes to the bottom of the entire list, instead of the bottom of the specific folder’s list unless your view is restricted to a specific folder. However, if you right click on the left side, new text goes into the selected folder.
  • Spell check shows errors, but can’t correct them.