a few export questions

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I’ve been trying Scrivener for a few days, and while I love the concept of multimarkdown, I’m still hesitating due to a few technical details i can’t figure out,

  • how to configure Scrivener to use the WYSIWYG formatting in the multimardown export? If, for instance, I have an image in the page (the file is included in the document references), can i have it treated as such when i compile without manually doing some Multimardown markup “![…]” ? I wouldn’t see the point in using Scrivener’s charming interface if i had to use it as a code editor to get the final LaTeX output complete (i have Textmate for that, better suited).

  • I’d like to use jsMath to render math in html pages. Is it easy to modify the scripts so that TeX equations are left unchanged and the few javascript lines are included in the template?

  • could it be possible to use something like “highlight” < andre-simon.de/dokuwiki/doku … hlightpipe > to get source code nicely formatted, by simply enclosing it in special tags in Scrivener?

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You’d be better off asking the rest of these questions in the MultiMarkdown section of the forum, as the details of MMD itself are nothing to do with me and I’m no expert, but I can answer your WYSIWYG question: if you use MultiMardown with Scrivener, you have to code it just as you would in a text editor. Scrivener was built as a rich text editor for use with the RTF format initially, and that is still its main export format. Some users requested support for MMD, and Fletcher T. Penney, the creator of MMD, was kind enough to help me implement that. However, the ways in which rich text and MMD work are fundamentally different, so it is not possible to convert bold, italics, images and so on from rich text to MMD in Scrivnener. (It might be possible in an editor that did not have to support RTF, but not in one that does.) The way italics and bold can cross over and around whitespace in rich text, for instance, is not supported in MMD. This means that converting from rich text (WYSIWYG) to MMD syntax is problematic, as parsing the bold and italics into MMD won’t work properly - it will spew invalid MMD syntax a lot of the time. You can see this for yourself by creating a rich text document and using the Text > Convert menu to convert it to MMD syntax. If you’ve used a lot of bold and italics, chances are that you will come up with invalid MMD syntax. Fletcher can probably fill you in more.

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thanks for the clear answer, I was sort of suspecting that from my trials. Too bad, i guess I’ll stick with Textmate for my writing: if i must see the markup, i need syntax highlighting. I’ll keep an eye on Scrivener though, it does have some nice features and a great interface. If i wasn’t involved in scientific writing i guess I’d be more than happy with it.

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