A Few Formating Questions For Compiled Files

I’m compiling my book in several different formats, and have noticed a few formatting issues I need help correcting.

Can you tell me how to get rid of these?

The PDF Compile:

1) There is an extra page at the beginning which should not be there.

2) It says, “Pro” at the top right of the page, and “Untitled” on the page.

3) At bottom of each page it says: “Proof Copy” “Not For Distribution”

4) There is an extra page at end with lines like this: <<<<<< >>>>>

Mobi Compile:

The cover image appears twice in the document, on the first two pages of the document.

The first is on a page entitled: “Untitled” in the kindle app table of contents.

The second one is entitled, “Cover” and can stay.



Check your “Page Break Before” settings, and any front matter to see if any blank pages are set for inclusion.

Check the header and footer settings in the “Page Settings” pane of Compile.

Turn off the end-of-text marker in the “Layout” pane of Compile.

Sounds as though you have added a text document with the cover image in it to draft. Get rid of that, as the cover for .mobi files is set via the “Cover” pane of Compile.

In general, when you encounter issues like the above, the best place to start is turning on “All Options” in Compile and going through each pane one-by-one, to check the settings.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks very much.

That fixed everything.