A Few Observations


I’m new to Scrivener. Although I’ve owned it for well over a year, I’m just now getting down to actually using it.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Scrivener more each time I use it, but I find some things a bit unusual.

  1. It seems like every time I hit Save, I lose my undo history. Is this the case, or is it something else I’m just not understanding (although what that might be, I couldn’t say)
  2. The shortcuts for screenwriting elements involve too many key presses. How about changing it to Alt-??? or at least providing a way to set custom keyboard shortcuts?
  3. Another Save-related thing… When I hit Save, I don’t see any indicator anywhere that I’ve actually saved the file. Or is there something and I’m missing it?
  1. I’m not seeing that particular problem myself. There may be some other ingredient involved in the mix. If I type in some text, hit Ctrl-S and then Ctrl-Z, the text disappears as I would expect. Make sure you are using the latest version (1.6.1).
  2. We’ll try to add more as we can.
  3. Most likely, you did nothing at all. Scrivener saves whenever you pause for two seconds. That may help indirectly solve problem #1, since there isn’t much of a reason to manually save in most cases. There is an indicator though: an asterisk will be placed after the name of the project in the title bar while there are unsaved changes. Try typing and then pause for a moment, you’ll see it vanish on its own, that means it just saved.

Okay, I just tried it and yup! That’s a pretty short wait before it does an auto-save. Nice feature. (Y)

Thanks for the reply.