A few oddities (2.0)

Hello! Some minor issues, FYI:

  1. When I switch from a corkboard layout without pins to one with pins, there still aren’t any pins, although the option gets checked in the menu. To fix it I can either turn pins off and on again, turn on/off card tint, or select the layout a second time. I have a keyboard shortcut for the layout, so it takes little effort to press it twice, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to.

  2. When “highlight current line” is turned on, the margins of the highlight tend to stick where I start typing, but the rest follows the cursor as expected. This only happens when I add text and get to a new line; the highlight stays unbroken if I move through the text with the arrow keys or mouse. It doesn’t do any harm, so I just wonder what might cause it, and whether it’s just my computer being funny.

  3. This applies to both versions (I just hadn’t noticed before), and may not be a bug at all. Dragging an external file to the header bar to open it within Scrivener seems to only work if the file extension is in lowercase. Is that intentional? Changing the extension is easy enough, so again I’m more curious than troubled.

Thanks! I’ve added these to the bug list and will do my best to get to them before next week’s release.
All the best,

Awesome. Don’t wear yourself out, though. :slight_smile:

(Release version: Snow Leopard 10.6.4: Latest MacBook Pro)

Just to say:

a) I think you have done a marvellous job with version 2.

b) I also have the minor issue with the ends of the previous highlight line not catching up with the current line, in the release version, not the Beta. Sometimes this last for a second, sometimes for several seconds - I haven’t been able to work out yet what determines this. It is only minor, and I know you’ve got it on the bug list: I’m only mentioning it so that it helps to rule out whether it’s just an issue with Insignia’s setup.

Again, many thanks for a superb program. I am truly amazed by what you’ve achieved. I’ve even started using it for writing, instead of just playing with…