A few odds & ends inc possible label colour bug

Not sure where the correct place for this post is given these are mostly somewhere between bugs and feature requests but hopefully this is the right place. Anyway, here are a few odds and ends…

Labels (Bug?)
When I add a label to a document, the index card at the top of the inspector changes to that label’s colour. I don’t mean it’s corner becomes that colour, I mean the ‘paper’ colour changes from white to the label colour. The index cards shown in the corkboard view are correct i.e. only their corner is shown in the label colour.

I think this is different to the label colour bug mentioned in the 024 bug list thread.

I’d like to be able to add an extra column in outliner mode for document notes (similar to the Synopsis column). That way, it’s easy to see which docs still have my ‘ToDo’ notes I need to act on.

Full Screen
I’ve setup my full screen view to be eye friendly with yellow text on dark blue paper and the surrounding area set to opaque black. The only thing that spoils this now is when I move my mouse and the scroll bar appears in white. Can the option be added to change the scroll bar colour(s)?

Why are the display of collections turned off between sessions? If I turn them on I want them to still be on the next time I run Scrivener.

Looking forward to the next beta :smiley:
I’m using V 024 in Windows 7

Posting here is fine, given that there is no “wishlist” area yet (mostly because many wishlist items are already slated, as Windows works to catch up with the Mac version). To go through your items:

The label coloring the card is a bug and has been fixed for the next version.

Custom columns for the outliner will be coming, though not for the initial release. This is a Mac 2.0 feature, however, so it’s definitely on the list.

The full screen scroll bar changing to match your chosen colors I think should be done automatically, rather than you having to assign the colors to it specifically, but I’ll have to check on the implementation of that–I agree though that the white is distracting if you’ve set your paper to black.

And finally, yes, your layout should be remembered from session to session, so if collections were left open they should remain open. There are a few other parts of the interface that revert to default settings between sessions as well, so I’ll make sure the collections being open/closed is on the list. Some others that I’m aware of have already been fixed for 025, so this may have been as well.

Thanks for the prompt response. Sounds like everything’s in hand.

I’m curious about your answer re: ‘Custom columns’. You say these are coming but you can already change what columns are displayed which is what I’d have called ‘custom’ columns. What I’m asking for is an extra option that isn’t currently available. Did you mean something different by ‘custom columns’?

Ah, I did misread your note, so what I’m talking about is a little different. Document notes are rich text, so I’m not sure that’s something that could ever feasibly be implemented as a column in the outliner.

What I meant is that you’ll be able to create your own custom meta-data, which can appear as a column in the outliner. So you could create an entirely new column and call it “To Do Notes” and then jot short (plain-text) notes to yourself there. It would be separate from the document notes, though, so I see it isn’t exactly what you’re after, sorry.

Would it be that much of a problem to display the rich text as plain text? Alternately, just showing if Document notes for that doc was empty or not would also suit my purpose (maybe not quite so well but near enough).

Interesting to hear about the custom meta-data (even if I don’t really understand it yet) but it seems a little odd to use it for to-do notes when I would have thought that’s the most common use for the Document notes. As I said though, I don’t really understand it (probably won’t til I get to play with it myself) so maybe I’m talking rubbish. Anyway, thanks for the answers.

Using 026 now and also just noticed that when the ruler’s visible in my darkened full screen colour scheme, it stands out even worse than the scroll bar. I’d also like that to take on the dark theme if at all possible.