A Few Questions about Purchasing Method

I downloaded the trial version of Scrivener and, after trying it out, have decided to purchase. I was going to buy it through the App Store but then received the email saying that Tinderbox is offering a 20% discount as part of their Writer’s Festival.

The trouble is I’m not familiar with Tinderbox as a site, and I’m not really sure if the 20% savings are going to be worth the headaches it might cause later. Are there any technical considerations I need to know about before deciding which site to purchase through? Will my Scrivener updates come from Tinderbox site or from the Literature and Latte site? Will there be any trouble receiving updates if they come from Tinderbox?

If you buy through the App Store, all future updates will come from the App Store as well.

If you buy anywhere else, future updates will come from the Literature & Latte site, pretty much exactly as if you had purchased from us in the first place. So I’d say sure, go ahead and take advantage of the Tinderbox discount.


Yeah, it’s just the standard direct sale version. When we release upgrades you’ll be notified in the software and given a chance to self-update right then and there or defer it to later. I wouldn’t say that there are any major technical headache advantages to one or the other, actually. We’ve had just as many technical failures resulting from Apple breakdowns as we have eSellerate (our built-in registration system) system. Both systems can get locked up and require troubleshooting to repair. Neither one always “just works”, but to be clear, they both usually do in the vast majority of cases.

Thanks for clearing that up for me. Will I need to delete my trial version before I purchase through Tinderbox? I read in the FAQ that some people have had to delete their trial version program before the App Store would allow them to purchase, so I’m just wondering if Tinderbox has had the same issue.

Nope, that’s only for the Mac App Store. The standard licence unlocks the demo, so it is a seamless transfer. In fact that is how you’ll re-acquire the software at any point in the future, as well; downloading the demo and then unlocking it. You need to delete the trial for the MAS because it has a bug where the button in the software won’t let you install the purchased version if another installation of the same identity is already installed.

Thanks for picking up a copy! Hope it serves you well in the years to come.