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I have two questions, can Scrivener randomly delete words from a novel on its own? If not then what could change the word count?


No. (Not randomly.)

Between what and what?

The most common cause of “wrong” word counts is that Scrivener is counting different documents than you think it should, usually because of either your Compile settings or your Project Statistics settings.

I added my novel document to Scrivener from another software program. Scrivener has reduced the word count by 6 words. Every time I put it on Scrivener, it seems to delete one more word with each time and I know the files should be identical. What could cause something like this to happen?

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A difference of six words is almost certainly nothing to worry about, it is very unlikely Scrivener “deleted” them. Almost everything counts words a little differently. To provide one example, some systems count this as one word: “one-sided” and others count it as two. That is why nobody considers a word count to be utterly precise, it is always an estimate where +/- a few hundred words is considered acceptable. The only time that might not be the case is in very controlled printing scenarios, like newspapers, but then everyone is going to be using the same software for that reason.

Even the Mac, iOS and Windows versions of Scrivener all have slightly different word counts from one another!

This is also why some regions use characters instead of words, because words are rather vague when you think about all of the variation in word lengths between writing styles. Characters though, you can’t quibble over that.

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