A Few Suggestions

Really like the app been using the demo now for a couple of days, I am currently using it to map out a reef aquarium i am planning to build and its working really well, lists of equipment, web references, equipment etc. It really does all i need with a few exceptions.

I would like to be able to click on the http link within Scapple and be taken to the website of choice, at the moment i have to export it to a PDF document before i can click on any of the links.

Can i link to documents stored on my local hard drive as this would be a very useful feature. Have tried putting in the path as a link but it doesn’t appear to work.

Finally i wish i could resize images i have imported, i find they all come over different (dragged over from google images) sizes. Would like to tidy them up by resizing them. Currently I am having to save each go into PS and resize and save them all. Being able to drag the corner of the photo to resize would be a real timesaver for me.

Still as it is its a great app, keep up the good work

Would it be OK for you to drag an edge of the image instead of a corner?

Then just do it! :wink:


You might like to take a look at [url]Paste images & clickable http://<text here>] and at [url]Clickable Links Problem].

Mr X

Cannot seem to be able to drag any part of the inserted images to resize, be it the sides or corner

You have to place the cursor with precision (+/- 1 mm or so on a 21" 1920x1080 monitor) on one of the edges of the dragged-in picture (I assume it’s a JPEG?). You can drag any side, but not diagonally from the corners.

When you hit the narrow target area, the cursor shifts to an I-beam with attached arrows left and right. It looks exactly as when you’re changing the size of a note!

If it really doesn’t work for you, perhaps it’s some System problem. For me it works fine every time, in 10.6.8.

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