A few things I really love . . . .

I’ve been active in posting the things that aren’t working well (imho) on scrivener and making suggestions. I thought I’d post the things that are really working well:

  1. the split window really rocks!
  2. now that i’ve found it, the paste and match style option
  3. i can highlight a search word, press ctrl + F and it shows up in the search window for the find feature.

I’m knee deep in a project but have been jotting things down as I think of them and come up for air.

Thanks for the kind words - glad you’re liking some things! :slight_smile:
All the best,

i’m liking more than just a few things. i used to write using a popular word processing software program. i always used it as an excuse to not really pursue my writing. it wasn’t powerful enough in the way i needed for my writing efforts and didn’t have some features i thought would make the process easier. scrivener has them all and some. one feature in particular i discovered recently is present in that clunky old word processing stuff, but it’s a bear to implement. it’s a breeze in scrivener.