a few things . . . .

I’ve noticed a few things as I’m plowing through a writing project at breakneck speed.

  1. Scrivener doesn’t work well with the international english setting in windows. where the next key stroke should display the desired punctuation it instead skips the punctuation and leaves contractions without the comma, series without the colon, etc. there doesn’t seem to be a problem, however, with populating the diacritics.

  2. presently, when using the table function in Scrivener, one can only ad one row at a time. it would be more efficient if one could add multiple additional rows/columns as needed in about the same number of key strokes as when adding only one row/column.

  3. it would be helpful to be able to highlight a section of text to get the word count just for that section.

that’s all for now. these really are “would-be-nice” suggestions. so, it’s not imperative they be added. thanks in advance for your reviewing these ideas.

I’m not sure what you mean by 2 but if you mean you can’t add additional rows/columns with just hitting tab or enter I’m with you there.

As for this, you can select the text then right-click and on the bottom of the context menu a word count will be displayed.

Oh, I see it now. I missed it before because it’s in grey text rather than black. That’s rather hard to see against the white background.

If you go to Format → Table Properties, you can add multiple rows in a relatively quick way.

i’m talking about added rows to an already existing table. when i place the cursor in an empty cell at the bottom my previous table information is deleted. when i try placing the curse on a line after the last table row (not in a table area) and selecting format table the window that pops up is greyed out. the difference is important as in the course of writing a piece i am constantly updating the info table so i can keep up with new character and other information. being able to add a few lines at a time rather than only one would be a time saver overall.

Yeah, those functions are a bit awkward currently. Someone on the team will need to pop on and say if that’s to be smoothed out in a further release or if the current behavior is buggy.