A Fixed Number Of Words Per Line

I’m using Scrivener for Windows version

I’m experiencing an unusual problem with a few documents, but not all, in a Novel project. With these newer documents, I’m unable to increase the number of words per line from about 6 or 7. Even in composition mode, when I increase the width of the page, the words don’t magically rearrange themselves. Instead I am left with the same 6-7 words per line, then a massive blank space to the right. If I adjust the zoom, this doesn’t fix it either. Instead, a heavily magnified view now gives me two or three words per line and the same blank space to the right.

Many of the older text docs in this project are working fine. Today I generated some dummy text from the web and pasted it into a new text document. This dummy text behaves just fine. (When I increase the width of the page, the number of words per line increase accordingly.)

So of course I tried cutting and then pasting my own words from the problematic text docs back onto the same text document, then onto a brand new one. I hoped that’d fix the issue. It didn’t.

Is this a really simple fix? A box I’ve inadvertently checked, or left unchecked?

It seems like your right indents are way over to the left.
Show the Ruler with [View > Text Editor > Ruler], check for a small triangle somewhere in the middle of the Ruler. Drag it to the right. Does Your text column get wider?

When it’s small again for a new document, your default formatting is off. In [File > Options > Editor > Formatting], set the right indent at the right place.
Make sure the DEFAULT formatting is not overruled by the PROJECT formatting in [Project > Project settings > Formatting].

If that doesn’t help, the Fixed Width of your Editor may be too small. Set it to 550 or so in [File > Options > Appearance > Main Editor]. Or turn the Fixed Width setting off entirely.

As a last resort, check the Tabs and Indents dialog box at [Format > Paragraph > Tabs and Indents]. Remove all tabs and set Indents to reasonable values.


That’s it, thank you. I mucked around with default formatting a few months back and hadn’t clocked that I’d also changed the right indent. Now I can see that when I copy and pasted from the web, the web formatting must have overridden this default right indent.

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