a folder for elusive ideas that also mesmerize and thrill?


I think Scrivener is amazing.
I have not found a way that works fabulously to organize my novel and other writings.
Here are some questions that I’d be thrilled if I could learn more about.

I realize we all have to find our own way; and there is so much to learn from each other.

What I do, thus far, is I start a new document.
I create folders for idea, characters, snippets, wayward but wonderful ideas, ideas that if they do not land here will be used for something else, ideas where all my novels intersect, others feedback, help with motivation, etc. that is just the beginning.

I feel trapped when things are too organized, but I feel lost when they are not at all organized.

Also, when we start writing snippets, how will you keep those in order? And what if two characters are involved in an idea? do you place them in a folder that contains both
character’s, rather than a separate character file?

Thanks so much,
I know there are many ways we can learn from each other on how to refine the ways we work with Scrivener.

Scrivener is the absolute best!


I suggest that you click on the Inspector button and look at the three icons at the bottom of the far right column. They each offer ways to make notes of different kinds that may help you keep track of certain ideas, images, or phrases that have over-arching significance.

Scrivener gives you dozens of ways to classify and label. In other programs, you’d be using tags. There’s a free utility called Tag-It that lets you tag external files related to your projects. It’s from Ironic Software. ironicsoftware.com/

As druid says, the meta-data in Scrivener can definitely help. If you want to track a character, you could set up keywords for each character and add the characters associated with a document to the keywords pane of the inspector. You can then do a keyword search to find any documents with which that character is associated. You can use keywords for anything. Labels and status also provide meta-data that you can use to track and find your documents.
All the best,

Hi Druid and Keith,

I am continuing/beginning to understand how to dive more deeply into the myriad mysteries that are alive and well within the Alchemical Container of Scrivener. Each subtle stirring of the Scrivener Cauldron is its own wondrous Alchemical Recipe. (grin).

Thank you,


Laurel Aisling