A "Go To" that works like "Complete Current Title"

“Complete Current Title” offers a progressive search for a doc title, with results in a drop-down. I’d like a version of “Go To” that works on that same principle. The “Go To” we have uses a flyout method; it’s too difficult to use with large binders and long doc names, and requires the user to know the desired document’s spot in the hierarchy, or to hunt for it.

We do have the Search box, but that has a sticky preference set, typically confounding a search by title. And the results turn up as Search Results in the Binder area, requiring completion by mouse only, at the opposite end of the window. Whereas a “Go To” with the ease of “Complete Current Title” would enable the user to complete the jump in a single keyboard sequence. This would be a boon to accessibility (and, yes, for a few of us, would make it far simpler to open a desired document by a script). :wink:

Thanks for considering!

Rgds – Jerome

Funnily enough, something exactly like this is on the slate for the next major update. :slight_smile: (I finished implementing it in the Mac version only two weeks ago, and passed on the specs to the Windows team straight afterwards.)

All the best,

Fabulous. Thanks, Keith.