A good place to put the inside of my brain

I know a lot of people have already waxed enthusiastic about Scrivener, but I just wanted to add my voice.

I’ve been writing since the days when computers were large, slow boxes called BBCs. Since university, I’d been surviving with Microsoft Word on either a Windows PC or a Mac. I tend to be very reluctant to move onto new, unusual software, but after I took the plunge and bought Scrivener I’ve been incredibly impressed.

I’m a writer of fantasy, with a huge amount of background research and development going into the books before they’re produced. I had everything stored on a sprawling set of files on my harddrive and my own Wiki, which is brilliant if you have a huge world to manage. I’ve been moving everything onto Scrivener, gradually, and a week ago began work on my 19th book.

Scrivener is really easy to work with - I love being able to put absolutely everything in one place. I now have one rapidly growing project with all my artwork, notes and anything else I would normally either have to write by hand or put in Word documents that get lost in the morass of notes I produce.

I love having all my word totals in one place, as well. The outliner does what I used to have to do manually automatically, saving me an awful lot of time and effort.

I really, really wish I’d had Scrivener when I was completing my PhD. I’m recommending it to all the post-grads I know, and if I ever do another one (which knowing me, is entirely likely), I will definitely use it.

I haven’t yet experimented with changing layouts - I’ve been happy to have the Inspector and binder available all the time while I’m writing, and I use document notes a great deal if I have to stop halfway through a chapter but know I need to include something specific to a subplot or action.

I know this is very gushing, but I’ve been deeply impressed by how much easier and more organised working is with this software.

Well done!



Gushing is good, we like gushing! Many thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it - I hope Scrivener will continue to serve you well as you write your 19th book (19th! I’d be happy with one!). Thanks for recommending it to postgrads, too.

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