A grammar edit place.

I think it would be really cool, if Scrivener had a place where you could type things in and the computer would check the grammar of what you have typed. Kinda like Xcode.
1: Anything within quotation marks could be labeled red, This could minimize forgetting to end quotation marks.
2: Have it so you can label a paragraph.
3: Have it so it can judge the probability of a sentence having wrong grammar, and if the probability is high, hi-light the sentence red.

And of course have it so you can render what you have written into the normal scrivener writing place.

IMHO, grammar checking software, because it discourages stylistic experimentation, often impedes the creative process and can result in writers never fully developing their own voice. Writing is a craft like any other–one that requires study and practice so that one knows when to break the rules. I would hate to see grammar checking make its way into Scrivener.

Note that Leopard has grammar-checking built-in, so when if you upgrade to Leopard you will get the green underlines that present you with grammar mistake possibilities in Scrivener automatically. Personally I always turn them off, though, as I hate them - they abide by strict rules that don’t allow for style. And event then they are sometimes plain wrong.