A Great Day!

A great day for Chile and the 33. :laughing:
Lets keep our fingers crossed, that the ordeal hasnt left any of them permanently scarred. That would be a crying shame.

[size=150]Bienvenido a casa a los 33[/size]

I concur. Just imagine the joy these guys must be feeling at seeing the sky and being reunited with their loved ones.

Against the backdrop of a lot of negative stuff the world has gotta be a little bit happier on average as a result :slight_smile:


My sentiments exactly Eddie.
Vic :smiley:

Well since most are being offered things like book deals, ad reps, etc this “ordeal” has turned from a tragedy, to a very profitable event for them

Very profitable events can still have very traumatic after effects.

Even if I knew I’d survive (which they didn’t), I don’t think you could pay me enough to spend two months in a hole.


Having crawled along a coal-seam and crouched for hundreds of yards to reach a gold-vein, I think I’d set my limit at two days.

I made it to the opening of a deep mine. Got in the elevator, then got right back out. Not my cup of tea anymore.

I make it a point to not visit any deep holes I haven’t dug myself into.

If you’re stuck half a mile underground for that long, unless you are a very weird person, it’s an ordeal, no quotes needed.

As for subsequent book deals and ad reps. Great for them! I doubt they’ve had the most comfortable existence to date.


Not everyone can deal realistically/positively with fame, media glare/manipulation. Apparently, many had drug/drink related problems, before being trapped. Whilst watching the men being brought to the surface, I was listening to the BBC`s psychiatrist, describing the many possible adverse side effects, from their ordeal. Many of them could be caused or exacerbated by the media glare and hassle.

It would be a shame for their lives and the lives of their loved ones to enter a downward spiral, needlessly.

I`m keeping my digits crossed.

The media is playing a huge role and in some cases a very unethical role in this event. The “pact” of silence the miners made is already under question since the group has already told the media they will break their pact if the price is right. Two of the miners lives were “ruined” in the media, One guy was offered $50k for his journal, and other things.

It is a tragedy and an ordeal these men had to suffer through, and I do feel sympathy for them and their families but now that it has become a media “phenomenon” I think a lot of the nobility will be tarnished and the reality of greed and self serving will be dished up front and center on the evening news at the expense of the actual victims of this event. Like so:

I may sound cynical but understand my negativity is not directed towards the miners or their families but rather it is directed to those people in the media and others who wish to exploit these miners for five seconds of fame and then to only leave them broken and forgotten once the fad passes.

I truly hope they (the miners) do NOT break their pact of silence no matter what the price but temptation is hard to resist, especially after going through something so traumatic as they did.

On this, our views converge :slight_smile:

Of course some of them will break the pact. It’s human nature.


Can a man with a mistress be trusted to hold to any promise?

Probably to controversial a question to impartially discuss on the 'net, but it bears consideration.